The Journey Begins…

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my  blog!
I can’t begin to describe my feelings about this journey I am about to embark. I am scared, nervous and at the same time, super excited!

I always had the desire of my voice being heard globally. The most rewarding thing about blogging is expressing what I want. And so, here I am!

A few months ago I decided to create an Instagram account to showcase my style and Ahumdullilah, I was overwhelmed to see the positive  response I got from women all around the world. In spite of being a full-time mom to three little kids, I took it as a challenge to accomplish my goals through blogging. I always wanted to do something that inspired others. It’s such a proud feeling to see modesty become the new cool of society these days. From a time when a girl wearing hijab was looked down upon to now being an icon for modest fashion in the world,  we’ve come a long way.

I never felt confident wearing hijab. It isn’t that easy; covering your hair comes in with a lot of other compromises as well . But now I realize that hijab has become an integral part of me, and I strongly believe it is important for girls to feel poised while wearing hijab.

So join me on a roller coaster ride of life where i share my experiences  as a Muslim Hijabi Woman. In this blog, I will share modest outfit coordination, honest beauty product reviews, parenting advice and last but not the least my creative corner.

Thank you for visiting!

With Love,


9 thoughts on “The Journey Begins…

  1. Love it can’t want to see your journey.

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    1. Thank you. Working on some interesting blog posts .Hope you like them too .


  2. Looovveeee it!! Can’t wait to read more posts by you :*


    1. Thanks ..for appreciating my work.


  3. Such an awesome story! Love your blog and can’t wait to see more! I already follow you on Instagram and can’t wait to follow your blog!

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  4. Salaam Faiqa, you finally did it, Masha’Allah! Congratulations on your new blog! As a blogger I know how how much time, effort, and creativity goes into each blog post. I’m so proud of you! May you succeed in your endeavors ❤️

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    1. Thank you so much Nadia .Ameen to all your duas.


  5. Masha’Allah this is amazing 💗

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