Ruffles and Bells !

As we all know fashion repeats, I see a lot of styles returning back to retro glamour, with ruffles and bells trending everywhere from sleeves, to necklines , from jeans to pants, they’ve made a major comeback.
Ruffles, bells and frills have been around since the 16th century.
They add a sense of feminine charm to the outfit making it look cute and fashionable.
I am so obsessed with this trend that every other dress in my wardrobe either has ruffles or bells. The trick to pulling off this style is to minimize accessories as ruffles themselves act as a focal point for your outfit.
Here are some of my pictures wearing ruffles in a simple way while wearing Hijab. Let me know what you think ?

3 Tier Ruffled Pants
2017 pics 1063
Ruffled Sleeves
My Pic Collection 112
Ruffled Dress
2017 pics 154
Bell Sleeves and Ruffled Pant
2017 pics 799
Bell Sleeves
2017 pics 780
Ruffled Jeans
2017 pics 087
Ruffled Sleeves

4 thoughts on “Ruffles and Bells !

  1. The first outfit is easily my fave! Those 3 tier ruffle pants are amazing! Where did you get them?


  2. I love this Orange+ black dress, and the shocking pink top is so cool😍😍😍

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