Collaboration With HiddenPearls

Hey All,

Before I begin talking about the collab, I’d like to apologize for not being consistent with my posts 😦 . But now I’m back and will try to publish content more frequently.

Its always fun collaborating with businesses. It’s a beautiful way to grow together. I am thankful to my friend Rashdah who sent me wonderful pieces of her scarf collection all the way from United Kingdom. My personal favorite is the pink one I’m wearing below. I find the material to be very nice and different. Every time I wear these scarves I’m complimented !!

And I think that says it all πŸ™‚ !!

Click On the Hijab Name Below my Picture to Get Yours !!

Love, Faiqa

2018 new 220

2018 new 259
Crinkle Hijab
bushus wedding 637.JPG
Classic polka Dots



2 thoughts on “Collaboration With HiddenPearls

  1. Absolutely Amazing Mash’Allah! 😍

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