Patience is the key !

Hello Everyone!

It feels like forever since the last time I posted. I miss this so much!

Have you ever heard the saying – “Be patient, good things take time” or “Be patient, God knows best”, or “Be patient, your time will come.”?

Now the question is – Is it easy to be patient?

Let’s be realistic. The answer would obviously be no for many of us.

The reason being is that we all want things to happen quick. We want changes to happen overnight.

A lot of individuals, myself included, must hustle our way up. Like it is said,
“There is no elevator to success, we have to take the steps.” 
Time management is a task to take on by itself. I mean, come on, it is a whole subject that requires a strong skill set and training sometimes.

I remember when I created my blog I was excited and thought I would publish a post every alternate day. But as you guys know, blogging requires a good chunk of time and commitment that I am barely able to make, and because of that, my number of posts have gone dramatically down. Not that I don’t have any topics to share, but with my new job responsibilities, it’s becoming a challenge to keep up.

It’s very easy to lose focus and get distracted. I deal with this pressure is by constantly reminding myself to be calm and patient. You can’t have everything your way. Sometimes you just must breathe and take things one at a time. I’ve started believing in pushing myself but drawing the line on rushing myself. I hope this makes sense !

With that being said I’d like to take you guys completely off topic with my pics below, Lol ,scroll down the images and click on the links to shop for similar Outfit.

kansas two week 387.JPG

kansas two week 376.JPG

Floral Cardigan in blue –

White Floral Kimono –

White Jeans –

Exact Same Mules –

Sunglasses –


2 thoughts on “Patience is the key !

  1. Patience is something I have learnt with time. Dealing with pressure is not my cup of tea though.. I’m a panic queen😝. But I’m slowly pursuing patience.. and I guess I’m doing good hehe. Lovely pictures btw Faiqa.


    1. Awww thank you so much Hon ! I know it’s always easy said than done ! But patience does pay you off one day !


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