Classic Chanel

“The real purpose of makeup is to embellish not to put on a mask ” Gabrielle Chanel

Hello Everyone, 

Beauty builds confidence and a confident women can achieve the world. 

Let me take you all to a brief  history of Chanel makeup.

Gabrielle Chanel launched her first makeup line in 1924. Her aim was to enhance the natural beauty of each women.  Chanel develops simple products with intuitive use. The textures are easy to apply and blend. 

And I believe that the key to good makeup is not only the product but the application, which makes all the difference.

Your makeup often reveals your personality or simply how you feel. Finding your style is about knowing how to take what suits you and what you like. Makeup should be used to enhance natural beauty and highlight your features, everyone is born beautiful.

In todays world where we see new emerging trends and brands, Chanel remains Classic and will always be !

Here are some of my Chanel makeup favorites in the pictures below.


OMBRE PREMIÈRE – the long wear cream eyeshadow ,great for everyday use.
LES 4 OMBRES – the Quadra eyeshadow palette created to complete the eye look in just few steps.
LE VOLUME DE CHANEL – the brush and formula work together to deliver an intense volume result from the first application, giving eyes the wide open look. It’s by far one of the best mascaras I’ve used.
INIMITABLE INTENSE – this mascara gives the eye a multidimensional effect. The soft & flexible brush coats lashes from the roots to tips. The formula provides a 3D makeup result: volume, length, curl and separation.










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