Collaboration with MVMT

Hello Everyone,
It feels great to come back with another amazing Collab blog post.
I feel proud to have been a part of the MVMT team as I always adored their collection.. What I like about the company is their belief that “Style shouldn’t break the bank”.The brand draws it’s inspiration by the go-getters, innovators and the dreamers. Their goal is to change the way you think about fashion by delivering premium designs at radically fair prices.
What more can one ask for, great style for a great price. A perfect combo !!
Since my childhood watches have been an essential part of my outfit.
I remember when I had secretly taken out my mom’s watch from her closet and wore it school. (haha)
I kept flaunting it in front of my classmates… (lol) It was a pretty Gold Watch with a small Dial.
Although I know small dial watches are not in trend anymore versus the Big dial ones now. Hmmmm what do y’all think ? 
Leave me your preference in the comments below !


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