My Achievements Of 2018


Hello Everyone!
It is always motivating to pen down your achievements regardless of how big or small they are. Nothing comes for free, every attainment has been earned with time.

Who you are tomorrow begins with what you do today and that’s what I strongly believe in. I would have never imagined achieving whatever I have so far if I had never taken that first step. I have challenged myself to overcome self-doubt and deeply introspect my goals head on.  I am so grateful to all the opportunities that I was blessed with this year. To name a few – my collaborations with stores like TJMAXX, MVMT Watches, Jord Watches, upcoming Hijab brands and lots more…

Now, my resolutions for 2019 are (drumroll please, lol):

  • Pray more, help More
  • Work harder than I did last year
  • Publish at least one blog post a week
  • Create new content for Instagram
  • Record lots of tutorials 
    Well guys that’s all for now, must publish this before 2019… haha
    I will see you all soon again in my next post until then, take care and Happy New Year!



4 thoughts on “My Achievements Of 2018

  1. Keep up the great work Faiqa! Can’t wait to see the new content soon xx


  2. 👏 Masha’Allah my Allah swt bring more success to you this year!


    1. Ameen. thank you so much lil sis ! and I wish the same and more to you too !


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