Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will –

Hi Everyone!

Today, I would be having an open conversation about fear. I say conversation because my hope is to have some back and forth communication with you all. I would love to listen to everyone’s thoughts regarding this issue.

Statistically, 50 – 60 % of girls don’t accomplish what they want to in life due to fear.

  • Fear of parents.
  • Fear of culture.
  • Fear of society.
  • Fear of friends.
  • Fear of relatives.
  • Fear of failure.
  • And many more…

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you took a stand and conquered your fears? Yes, it would be amazing…in a perfect world! That was my mindset, but I’m trying hard to step up and change that philosophy.

Well, let me tell you my personal experience on this. There comes a time in your life when you are left with no choice but to do what you want without caring about the “after-effects”. I had my own fears and struggles that any girl coming from a conservative family would. But when you have faith that what you want in life is not wrong, and your intentions are clear, the fear starts to dissipate. BUT the key here is that the faith comes from within.

Facing your fears helps build your courage. I’m sharing a few strategies I’ve learnt with time to overcome fear that might be helpful to you too.

  1. Turn your worries into work.
  2. Ask for help if you need it.
  3. Visualize a positive outcome.
  4. Always remember your worst fears will rarely come true.
  5. Reflect on the worst possibility.
  6. Stop overthinking.

I still remember my elders telling me not to do something because they were afraid of what people would say. Society was at that time rigid and let me tell you something…it still is. However, I strongly feel that people would talk no matter what. Right or wrong they will always throw in their two cents. But it should not affect us in anyway. I know it’s hard, but think about it, how can one individual’s personal thoughts have any physical impact on our lives? It’s all a mind game.

As a parent, I desire that all children, especially daughters, should be able to trust their dreams. Imagine the amount of confidence a girl would have if she’s being supported. I usually put myself in my daughter’s situation, and ask myself, what would be the ideal resolution? What would “I” want my mother to do for me in this crisis/time of need?

I just want to end this by saying – do what you want to in life, be who you want to be, become your own support system. Accomplish your dreams because you live only once. It’s now or never.



12 thoughts on “Fear!

  1. Yes!!!! I loved this blog! You are so so right! Specially with the overthinking part. You have to live and let go of all negativity ❤️

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    1. Yes girl ! 🤗🤗Thanks 🙏🏼


  2. Great topic and advice! I’m so glad you followed your dreams and didn’t care “what other people will think.” We can’t please everyone, so we should focus on what makes us happy ❤


    1. Yes Sumaira , I was tired of pleasing people and yet felt they weren’t satisfied at all . Finally two years ago I realized that it was not worth it ! And Thank God I started instagram with good intentions and Alhumdulillah now there’s no looking back 🤗


  3. Very well written and I completely agree ! Surprisingly, I wrote something about fear almost a year back! Do check it out if you have the time!


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    1. I just read it . well written Juveria ! More power to you !


  4. Trulyy inspiringg.

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  5. So Motivating ..this is very good and so true girls do have fears that always stop them from doing almost everything they want to i m glad and happy for you that you followed your dreams .. 💕😍

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    1. Thanks Romana 😊😊means a lot 🧡🧡


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