Le Lift By Chanel

Hey Everyone,

I’m going to share something that I recently realized.

I always thought that anti-wrinkle creams were best used when we hit a certain age – more like 50 plus or so, but I soon learned that wasn’t the case. The earlier we incorporate them in our skincare routine the better it is. A good mask and a moisturizer are like food for our skin. The process of applying a face mask is simple and it gives you immense benefits. Although I do realize that keeping up with skincare products can be a bit costly, they are still worth it. Remember, our skin is also an organ and is equally critical as the rest of our well-being.

A good mask can really hydrate our skin, smooth fine lines and even out skin tone.

The Chanel Skin-Recovery Sleep Mask for face, neck and decollete is a lightweight balm. Its gel texture absorbs quickly for complete comfort and ease of use. Skin looks rested and refreshed; wrinkles appear diminished by 10%*; and the complexion is 10% more radiant. 

The formula can adapt to each woman’s unique needs – firming, smoothing and restoring radiance to all skin types. The resulting ingredient, 3.5-DA*, intuitively detects and targets individual factors of aging to help the product restore skin to its optimal firmness, while improving tone and suppleness.

How to use-

Apply the Le Lift mask generously before bed to cleansed face and neck alone or with eye cream and serum. Use a few times a week or daily, according to individual needs.


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