Passion Meets Profession

We’ve all heard the saying “Live Your Dream”. Everyone has their unique dream, and there are no rights or wrongs. However just like feelings, dreams can change too. Growing up I had a deep interest in science. I desired to be a doctor and somewhat came close – I graduated with a degree in Nutritional Sciences. But there was also an artist hiding in me yearning to come out. I never paid attention to that quality of mine, because most of us grew up in households where being a doctor or an engineer was the ultimate goal…it was the mark of success.

I created and loved various forms of art like sketching cartoons, fabric painting, embroidery, aluminum embossing, and much more. I appreciated color, patterns, technique…and my passion grew further into discovering makeup and cosmetics to the grain.  I would be overwhelmed and engrossed by palettes, color blending, contouring, etc. I was fascinated by what makeup and correct products could do to enhance a woman’s confidence, and make her look beautiful, the best version of herself!

Today I have taken my passion to the next level. I’ve made it my profession and only hope to advance further where I can make a positive difference in a woman’s life including myself. I am a Chanel Beauty Advisor working for Macy’s, one the most prestigious makeup brands and retail brands combined. My work has taught me to understand the concepts of uniqueness, preference, precision and true meaning of beauty…that it comes from within.

Today I feel proud to say that I’m pursing my passion.

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4 thoughts on “Passion Meets Profession

  1. Cannot wait to see more. Follow you on Instagram as Andygal78


    1. Thank you so much 😊 i really appreciate it !


  2. Such a lovely pic and the the caption too my fav🤗..Follower from instagram _itsmeq 😅

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