Reel Life vs Real Life !

At some point in our “social media life”, most of us might have heard this phrase – maybe on a celebrity interview, a documentary, a magazine…right?

The world is a beautiful place, and we see that every day through the lens of someone’s else’s endeavors, sometimes our own too. Mother nature is perfect, it’s divine! We look at a breathtaking scenery and are overwhelmed by its perfection.

Now, here is when social media posts add an oomph to that – If person X is there, we consider them lucky, and the human mind immediately wants to disengage from our present status to match someone else’s. While I’m being candid, let me tell you, every time I see someone having fun somewhere exotic, I want to run away and be part of the all the fun!

However, sometimes we fail to process, that moments can be perfect, but is life overall that perfect? As active social media members, we want to capture a beautiful snapshot in time and be a part of that, like a painting. Now that’s “reel” life. Is it misleading? Yes and no. Yes, because it may seem like life is one big vacation for that person, which of course isn’t true. And no, because the moment is “real” so why not make it “reel”?

We see people living their best lives through all these social channels but remember we do not know their everyday struggles. Like its said -” Do not judge the book by its cover.”

Most people, I included, prefer not to show the struggles we go through behind the camera lens. The struggles are a continuity and not just a moment, so even if we tried we cannot make what’s “real” …”reel”.

Let me give you an example. It requires immense planning to get a single Instagram post pic to a point where I feel that social media is in control of my life. I get so frustrated, I almost want to quit. But there are no free lunches in this world, right? I love every aspect of my struggle, it’s “real”, and so the “reel” comes from the “real” me.

Whether we love our “reel” or “real” it doesn’t matter, as long as we enjoy life, capture moments, share happiness and spread love!





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