Mom – The Versatile !

Being a mother is learning about the strengths we didn’t know we had and dealing with fears we didn’t know existed.

Hello Everyone,

I’m proud to say that I am a mother of three beautiful children, (Masha’ Allah).  I have been blessed with one of God’s greatest blessings. I can’t be thankful enough, (Alhumdulillah).

Today I’d like to share some of my experiences as a mom. So, let’s go back in time.

I still remember that excitement and joy of holding my precious baby girl, my first child. It felt like holding a piece of my heart. With all the happiness I embarked, came fear…fear of inevitable parenting challenges. 

Little did I know that my all excitement could turn to depression at one point. I realized my life had completely changed 360 degrees. I got so involved in my baby that I forgot I existed.  My daughter had become my top most priority, to an extent that I overlooked everything around me.
New motherhood was making me feel overwhelmed. I was either taking care of my baby or the rest of my family. My time was split between the two, there weren’t enough hours in the day. And that’s when the depression kicked in.

It’s completely normal to have these feelings as we all go through it in different ways. As I was still struggling to get my life together, I was expecting again. At first, I felt it would be good as my baby would have a sibling to bond with, and that would give me some space. Of course, I was wrong!

My son was born within a year and a half of my daughter. Imagine my life – I was juggling between mommy duties and my own being. I had totally lost myself. I started living a very monotonous and sad life. I felt like it was the end to my dreams and ambitions.

However, with time and experience, things got better, I was more pro with efficiency and child management (is that a thing? Lol).

A few years later, there was another addition to the family, my third child, my little girl. I had come a long way handling things where I knew exactly what to do. I discovered the path to “me time” and the balancing act between responsibilities towards my family AND responsibility towards myself. Yes, that’s right. I understood that I have an obligation towards myself where I am to pursue my dreams, my well-being.
A happy mom = a happy family, agree?

And believe me life changed after that and there was no looking back.

I embarked on my new blogging journey, created my Instagram account. and make a commitment that I will strive and make it happen! There are times when the frustration kicks in, at the end of the day we are just human, but the happiness meter has drastically risen with my new approach towards life.

It pays off to do a hard day of work pursing my ambitions, and then coming back to the three musketeers! I can’t imagine my life without my three little munchkins. Those funny moments, the giggles and jiggles, the sibling arguments, their innocent questions, their warmth and hugs and kisses make all the struggles worth it.
No matter what, I will always be there for my kids. Insha’Allah.

May the Almighty protect them from evil eyes Ameen.

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8 thoughts on “Mom – The Versatile !

  1. MashAllah I enjoyed reading this and seeing the beautiful photos ❤ I can relate to your struggles Faiqa, as my 2nd and 3rd children are 17 months a part and it was difficult to raise my kids so close in age. You're doing amazing, I'm so proud of you! Lots of love xxx

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  2. Wow great post!!
    You are one of the strongest person i know…

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  3. Lovely post 🙂

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  4. Im sorry whaaaaaat? You are a mom???
    Mashallah. I just read it in ur bio. No wayy. U look so so young Mashallah. Beautiful post. May Allah always keep u and ur family happy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. awwwww, you’re so sweet . Ameen to all your duas .Your love and appreciation towards my hard work means the world.


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