Smart Shopping

Smart Shopping –

It’s a buzz in my head whenever I feel like doing some retail therapy. I’ll give you a takeaway line before we even dig in to the topic – never buy anything full-priced unless there is a dire need at the very moment. This has become my self-created philosophy over the years, and that is why my friends, I have been able to engage in acquiring some of my favorite things at a fraction of its original cost. Sometimes I feel happier for the cost than the actual thing I bought, lol!

I’m sure everyone knows this but a little dose of tips never hurt anyone, right?

First and foremost, apps! There are a tremendous amount of apps that have coupons to almost all of your favorite stores and send deal alerts out when set up per shopping preference. Also, you can find amazing deals at Amazon, my personal favorite online store.

Ever noticed how apps or websites start displaying ads of your regular stores? It’s a great mechanism, and there is tons of engineering behind it which I will obviously not dare to get into. But the point is, “Smart Shopping” is real. Let the apps and websites do all the work for you; catch the best deal that suits your needs, and voila, you are a “Smart Shopper”!

I will link some stores that will take you directly to the places I shop from, as they carry cute modest outfits and you’ll get a bank for your buck. For example, Forever21, TJMaxx, and Windsor are some great places for work or casual attire. – ––  

Layering and tops, I bargain hunt Macys, H & M, Marshalls, and for solid maxi dresses or abayas, Kabayre and Verona have a variety to choose from. For Hijabs it’s mostly Verona collection and Modanisa, by far my favorite modest wear places.

Let me know some ways that you guys “smart shop” as I can never get enough of it, thank you all! Happy Shopping!




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