My Instagram Journey

Today marks my two-year anniversary on Instagram, one of the most amazing chapters of my life!
It was the time when Facebook was the “IT” within my family and friends, no one really talked about Instagram. People who I knew would ask me, “Are you on Facebook?” And my response to them would be “meh, not a fan.”
One day, out of nowhere, with a lot of apprehension, I created an Instagram account. At the time, I had no idea what I was going to do with it. I guess I was experimenting and kinda wanted to see what the hype was all about. The impromptu action changed my life and there was no looking back.
In the beginning, I used to get excited seeing literally less than ten likes on my posts. But the excitement came with fear and anxiety – Am I doing the right thing? Omg, what are the consequences, and why am I even doing this?  But I stepped on my fears and decided to continue anyway, for fear is the only thing to fear.
Instagram unlocked the door to so many things I never imagined would. I made new friendships, followed modest fashion trends, gained general knowledge, learned about current affairs, stood for a movement, support fellow bloggers, and so much more! It gave me a platform to grow as an individual and as a professional. I was enlightened to expand my horizon and think outside the box. The more I engaged with like-minded as well as different individuals, the more my aspirations grew.
I strongly believed in effective communication and the willingness to inspire and get inspired. Life seemed like it was contained within a box, there was so much eagerness and energy but nowhere to distribute it. I didn’t know where this journey would take me, I continue to walk this path that unfolds before me.
It gave me confidence and shaped me into an entirely different individual that you see today. I can proudly say that every follower on my page has been gained through mutual love and respect. The bond that I share with my Instafamily cannot be expressed in words. I’ve made some friends for life and it just proves that distance does not matter when all you need is a pure heart and a clear intention.
Lastly, I want to end this post by saying do the things you want to. You only live once. Life is short, make it worthwhile.
Push your limits, take a risk, trust your instincts, dare to dream, take pride in what you do, Prove yourself and remember never ever give up!!!
Your time will come!
Lots of love,

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14 thoughts on “My Instagram Journey

  1. Loved it. And I totally relate to it. Every word you said. Im still in the hesitant phase🙈😉🙌

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    1. Stick to your dreams girl ! It feels like that in the beginning but trust your instincts! You’ll go far InshaAllah

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      1. Thank you girl, All i need is your prayers


  2. Loved this post. I totally relate to every word you said. I m still in the hesitant phase 🙈😉🙌


  3. I’m very thankful to Allah for finding such a beautiful person from inside out. Am at the start of blogging career. You r one of those who shared so much love and care with me.
    May Allah bless you with success in this world and in akhirah

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    1. Awwwww Thank you so much my sweet sister and I’m blessed as well to have you all be a part of my journey,

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  4. This is truly an inspiration for all of us ❤️ !!

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    1. Thank you dear ! I’m glad you liked it


  5. This is truly an inspirational blog post !! Loved it ❤️

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  6. You are so cute and such an amazing person by self may Allah bless you all time

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  7. Aslmwlkm di, you are such a beautiful soul with a beautiful face I’m one of ua biggest fan 😍inshallah you will grow high and I would like to congratulate U on your well deserved success ❤️😍🥰love u di ❤️😍🥰


    1. how sweet! thank you so much cutie. Your appreciation means the world to me! Thank You !


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