Achievements of 2019

I’ve heard from many sources that writing is a good exercise. It stimulates ideas and solidifies them when put into words. I’ll be honest…I try my best to outline my daily, weekly, monthly agendas, tasks that need to get done, etc. but it’s not a very consistent practice. So, in order to encourage myself, I decided to start a new trend! Announce my yearly accomplishments to the world, and well…myself! See, I am one of those individuals who does not congratulate herself often. I can be my worst critique, judge, coach, and sometimes… chanel 007Today, I have decided to change that a bit and celebrate 2019 for my kick-ass achievements and set a benchmark for 2020! And who better to be a part of my celebration than my gals? So here we go…

I started working for two big corporations and perhaps my favorite brands – Macy’s and Chanel, where I took my position to a next level. I learned the art of makeup, marketing techniques, skincare, business strategies, and so much more. Not only did I seek knowledge, but in return, I shared my expertise on Instagram and blogging with my peers, and wow, that was a huge sense of job satisfaction for me.self learningMy experience and social media platform initiated me to take on personal clients for makeup including a wedding!! I dolled up a beautiful bride! I trained students on makeup by hosting one-on-one sessions! All gone well, whoo hoo!!

I was chosen the Macy’s Style Crew Ambassador where I won SEVEN contests, SEVEN!!! Just a little background – the Macy’s Style Crew is a community of colleagues that have a shared interest in fashion and style. They host contests of varying complexities to sport our individual style – this has been the most rewarding experience for me, and I absolutely enjoyed every bit of it!macys amb clearHey, hey, hey! Not to forgot, I attended Mario D.’s Master Makeup class and got certified!! I mean this guy is the guru of makeup, he owns the industry!! Believe me, I went against all odds to attend this guy’s class, so I should get full credit for this one!!!


Last but never ever the least, homeschooling my daughter. This decision has been challenging on so many levels. It has been an emotional, mental, and physical drain. We knew what we were signing up for, but the actual execution was completely different from what we imagined. Let’s just say my daughter and I have been hanging in there, but the journey has been and will continue to be fulfilling.


With all being said, I am grateful to be alive, safe, to love and be loved. We don’t realize this, but every minute, every breath taken, is an accomplishment by itself. Thank you for celebrating with me!  blog ach



2 thoughts on “Achievements of 2019

  1. jaweriamuhammadali February 4, 2020 — 5:24 am

    Such a successful year Mashaa Allah.Congratulations on all your achievements.

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